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Ep 201: Spotlight on Evidence

We look at the state of scientific integrity in BC with Evidence for Democracy’s Tej Heer and touch on the latest political fundraising numbers.

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Episode 200

Ian and Scott celebrate 200 episodes with Jillian P Stead and Stewart Prest by talking about political strategy & political science during a pandemic.

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Ep 201 Transcript

A transcript for ep 201

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Ep 200 Transcript

A transcript for our 200th episode

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Ep 199 Transcript

A transcript for ep 199

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Basic income: Easier said than done

The Basic Income Task Force has questions for basic income proponents and opponents.

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BC Government Economic Strategy Calls for Fewer Jobs in Vancouver, More Sprawl

Does Vancouver have too many jobs, particularly in the tech sector? The BC government seems to think so. In January the Vancouver Sun’s Vaughn Palmer reported on an government economic strategy report that was circulating within the government. I have obtained a copy of the report via a FOI request. You can read the report...

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Which MLAs aren’t team players?

Four MLAs didn’t give their party a penny.

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